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Baji999 Affiliate Program – Achieve Financial Freedom

Baji999 Affiliate Program - Achieve Financial Freedom

The Baji999 Affiliate Program is a marketing partnership that allows you to earn lifetime commissions without any upfront costs. By joining this program, you can create custom affiliate links for your bookmaker’s homepage, registration or live betting pages. Through this affiliate program, if you want to realize your ideal of financial freedom, joining the Baji999 affiliate program is the fastest way!

How does the affiliate program work?

Use various channels to promote Baji999

You can share this link on your website, social media, or anywhere else you can reach your audience. When a user clicks on your tracking link and creates an account, they become your referred player.

Players you recommend generate net profit

When the user clicks on your unique Affiliate Program link, and completes the registration and deposit at Baji999 to start betting, it also means that you are ready to start making money.

Earn 40% commission on net profits

As an affiliate, you will receive a 40% commission on the net profits generated by the players you recommend. Net profit is calculated by subtracting 18% deductions and bonuses from the profit/loss of your recommended players and deducting payment fees (2% deposits + 1.5% withdrawals).

How to Login to Baji Live Account?

  1. Open Official Baji Live website
  2. Tap on the “Login” button
  3. Enter your personal login information
  4. Click on the “Login Now” tab to enter your account

Why choose BAJI as an alliance partner?

  1. A well-known online gambling platform in Asia, established in 2020, the online gambling industry has achieved significant growth in Southeast Asia, especially in countries such as Bangladesh and India.
  2. The process of becoming a member of Baji is quick and easy, taking only minutes to complete.
  3. The affiliate program is completely free to join. Just sign up to become a member, there are no fees or charges.
  4. A range of payment methods are available, including bank transfer, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies
  5. Earn 40% lifetime commissions

The affiliate link is very important!

Affiliate links are very important!
After successfully joining the Affiliate Program, the most important thing is that you will receive an exclusive Affiliate link, which is used to track players recommended to Baji999 through marketing. Not only that, but there are also statistics of players on Baji999, including deposits, winnings, losses and a list of games they have played.

Affiliate links are generated by members who join the program. Users who click this link to register on Baji999 and deposit up to 3,000 BDT for the first time will be considered active players!


When you join Baji as an affiliate partner, you open the door to a world of earning potential. Our generous commission rates are designed to reward your hard work and dedication.

Imagine being able to make money while you sleep. With Baji, your earning potential is limitless.